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High quality imagery is specialised in creating high quality imagery of products which are in development. Our visualisations can represent products with photorealistic accuracy. This can be very helpful in analysing product concepts in an early development stage, presenting the product to a client or in decision making in general. A ray-trace render engine is used to produce the imagery. The ray-trace render engine simulates the real life behaviour of photons. In this way it is not only possible to the visualise a product, but it can also be used in the design process to study reflections, shadow casting, illumination and more.

From 3D-CAD to photorealistic imagery

In many cases our clients would like to present their products in a fashionable way but only have technical drawings and 3d-cad models available. We can produce imagery based on imported 3D-cad models (e.g. SolidWorks, ProE). In this way we can create visualisations in matter of days without the need to rebuild the product.

It is also possible to create visualisations without 3d-cad models available. We can create our own models based on your ideas, sketches, photos or real life objects.

Animated storyboard telling

It can be difficult to explain complex (manoeuvre) procedures using still image storyboard telling. On the other hand, a self-explainable visualisation does not necessarily need to be fully in 3D. Therefore we offer animated storyboard telling. With only the necessary elements projected in 2D views we can clearly visualise the story that needs to be told. Without worrying about all the details that are involved in full 3D animation this 2D method allows for low cost production and fast turnaround time.


Visualisations can be presented in multiple ways. besides images and video, it is also possible to show your products in interactive 3D or interactive 360 degrees video. 3D web content is a great way to show of your products. Click on the example below.

Animation and mechanics

Animation is a great way to demonstrate the full potential of the product. Product rotation table, function testing/demonstrating, commercial content or walk-through, the possibilities with animation are an excellent addition to imagery to sell the story.

By adding mechanical rigs to the model, the real life dynamic behaviour of the model can be demonstrated in a video or 3d-content.

Virtual rapid prototyping

Without the need for real mock-ups or prototypes to do a ‘photo shoot’, our methods enable us to produce imagery and video in a short period of time.

Quality and production time

The amount of work that needs to be done for a product visualisation depends on the available models, level of detail required, material quality, lighting and scene setup. All factors can be discussed to meet your requirements for quality and production time.