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Angled Box Select

‘3 Point Select Box’-tool (angled select box)

In edit-mode, I often have to select an angled row of vertices. With the ‘Select Circle’-tool it can be tedious to select the necessary vertices only. Therefore, I would like to suggest to extend the ‘Select Box’-tool with a 3-point-select modus.

My idea is that the tool can be used holding down the CTRL-key while the ‘Select Box’ is active.

You can draw a angled box in the same way as drawing 3-point-rectangles in e.g. Solidworks or Corel Draw:

1. Activate ‘Select Box’
2. Hold down CTRL-key
3. Click and drag a line holding down the LMB.
4. Release LMB and move mouse to create the box.
5. Click the LMB again to confirm the box shape.
6. Release CTRL-key