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Winning entry for the RijnWaalpad design contest

Under the name of Via Vici, mooredesign.nl and Martin Blikman (Stadscomponisten) succesfully participated in the RijnWaalpad design contest. A high speed cycling path was planned between the Dutch cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem.

Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen organised a contest to gather innovative ideas related to the cycle path. Via Vici developed an integrated concept that embraced many aspects of cycling. The highlight of the entry is the watch tower which acts as a hub. The tower connects the cycle path with the environment and surrounding park.

This entry was chosen over 84 other professional entries.

Click on the images or the links below to read more about the entry...
RijnWaalpad contest entry (PDF, dutch)
Panel report Page 24 (PDF, dutch)

Realised projects

Winning the RijnWaalpad contest resulted in the production of two reports. Via Vici investigated three areas of the cycle path and developed several proposals of which two are realised.

water and sound barrier

A part of the cycle path lays next to a high way. To emphasize that the cycle path is part of the environment, a water section on the high way side of the path has been created to reflect the the water areas on the other side. A low sound barrier blocks the tyre-noises of the passing traffic while car drivers still can see the landscape.

half way point

Based on the idea of the watch tower, a trimmed down version is created on the half way point of the cycle path. The service point is made of concrete blocks and represents a stand. The view over the surroundings is beautiful.
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