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Winning entry for the RijnWaalpad design contest

Under the name of Via Vici, and Martin Blikman (Stadscomponisten) succesfully participated in the RijnWaalpad design contest. A high speed cycling path was planned between the Dutch cities of Nijmegen and Arnhem.

Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen organised a contest to gather innovative ideas related to the cycle path. Via Vici developed an integrated concept that embraced many aspects of cycling. The highlight of the entry is the watch tower which acts as a hub. The tower connects the cycle path with the environment and surrounding park.

This entry was chosen over 84 other professional entries.

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RijnWaalpad contest entry (PDF, dutch)
Panel report Page 24 (PDF, dutch)

Realised projects

Winning the RijnWaalpad contest resulted in the production of two reports. Via Vici investigated three areas of the cycle path and developed several proposals of which two are realised.

water and sound barrier

A part of the cycle path lays next to a high way. To emphasize that the cycle path is part of the environment, a water section on the high way side of the path has been created to reflect the the water areas on the other side. A low sound barrier blocks the tyre-noises of the passing traffic while car drivers still can see the landscape.

half way point

Based on the idea of the watch tower, a trimmed down version is created on the half way point of the cycle path. The service point is made of concrete blocks and represents a stand. The view over the surroundings is beautiful.
Space Efficient Vehicle

Space Efficient Vehicle

Space efficient vehicle

The Space Efficient Vehicle (work title: New iSetta) is a vehicle concept development by Ralph Panhuyzen. The vehicle is part of the creator's overall vision on automobility in the near future. Three seats in offset position, a reduced width and a 3-wheel configuration result in a lightweight and streamlined vehicle. Less weight means fewer materials are needed for production and less energy is required for propulsion. The long wheelbase provides a comfortable ride and due to the seat positions all occupants are well protected during a collision. developed the SEV concept design and visualised the product. In 2008 it was submitted for the Michelin Challenge Design and elected as finalist.

Images of the entry are shown below. Visit the Michelin challenge design website to view the complete entry.

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The red coated SEV was created for internal purposes to test alternate modeling methods and render technics.
Tripod bike

Tripod bike

Tripod bike

The Tripod is a tilting recumbent trike which leans into the corners. The targets of this project were to design a ergonomic and comfortable recumbent trike with appealing proportions and design. The bucket seat was especially designed for this bike and supports the upper body of the driver very well, providing a comfortable seat. Seat, pedals, steer and suspension can be adjusted to the driver’s preferences.

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Multifunctional urban mobility platform

The Streetroller is a multifunctional urban mobility platform by Cmi-Europe (now Route2B). It can be used in an urban environment to travel the last few kilometres to the city centre, shopping malls, holiday parks, etc. The Streetroller tops at maximum speed of 20 km/h and can travel up 20km on a single battery charge. The steering column is height adjustable and the complete steering column can be folded backward for storage. The four wheel layout allows for luggage transport on the back half of the platform. With the steering column folded forwards, the Streetroller converts into an electrical assisted freight trolley.
The Streetroller prototype is manufactured in cooperation with several Dutch suppliers. was highly involved in the project for the concept and responsible for design and engineering of the proof of concept, prototype and 0-series.


A proof of concept has been developed to test functionality, frame design and electric components packaging. During the the design and development of the prototype, the construction of the steering column appeared to be the biggest challenge since multiple functions are integrated; Height adjustment, operator controls, display, head light, single lever pivot point and overall design.

Patented steering column pivot point

The multifunctional steering column required a pivot point which is both flexible and play free when locked in position. Two locked positions and one flexible position were required to position the column for all circumstances. It was also demanded that the pivot point could be unlocked with a single lever movement. developed a locking mechanism with locking teeth which will stay free of play even if the locking teeth or catch wear out. Both teeth and catch are tapered in such a way that they will always fit perfectly together. The locking mechanism is being patented.


Several tooling types were used to realize the prototype and 0-series:
3d printing / rapid prototyping, foam modelling, vacuum moulding, cnc-machining and sheet metal bending. delivered all the files required for manufacturing.

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ETF mining truck

ETF mining truck has been involved in the development of the ETF mining truck since the very start of the project and is responsible for the overall design of the truck, the complete cabin development and the visualisations.
The development of the truck started with a blank sheet of paper which allowed for a radical new concept compared to the competition. Some key targets during development were technical availability, maintenance and safety. For example, we aim to keep the downtime low by swapping major components like engine units, axles, wheels and cabin. These components can be repaired in the workshop while the truck is already on haul again. The complete truck is bolted together and therefore all sub-assemblies can be shipped in standard 40ft containers.

Overall design is mainly responsible for the concept and overall design of the truck. The freedom for design was very limited due to available space and form-follows-function approach. The main target during the design process was to create a strong and well-balanced design from any point of view. The angled surfaces were inspired by stealth planes.

Cabin is also responsible from A to Z for the development of the cabin which included design, component layout, ergonomics, components sourcing and engineering. It is a real challenge to package all the components. The cabin is e.g. equipped with three seats, double steering column, 9 blade wiper system, climate control system, sun blinds, rear view monitors, soundproofing walls and fridge.

Visualisations and calculations

We created a lot of graphics, visuals and animations for ETF to allow them to present their radical new approach and design philosophy in stills and animation.
We also developed calculation software to predict the performance of the truck during hauling. Road profiles can be imported into the software to calculate trip times, required engine power and fuel consumptions.

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