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Angled Box Select

‘3 Point Select Box’-tool (angled select box)

In edit-mode, I often have to select an angled row of vertices. With the ‘Select Circle’-tool it can be tedious to select the necessary vertices only. Therefore, I would like to suggest to extend the ‘Select Box’-tool with a 3-point-select modus.

My idea is that the tool can be used holding down the CTRL-key while the ‘Select Box’ is active.

You can draw a angled box in the same way as drawing 3-point-rectangles in e.g. Solidworks or Corel Draw:

1. Activate ‘Select Box’
2. Hold down CTRL-key
3. Click and drag a line holding down the LMB.
4. Release LMB and move mouse to create the box.
5. Click the LMB again to confirm the box shape.
6. Release CTRL-key is an independent design studio offering flexible and client orientated solutions to fit within your product development pipeline. We can support you in every phase of the design process. From initial concepts to end product. From a set of technical drawings to photorealistic visualisations.

We can convert your ideas and 3d-models into high quality imagery to support your product presentations and decision making!

ETF Mining Truck

ETF Mining Truck


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT | ETF MINING TRUCK is involved in the development of the ETF mining truck since the very start of the project and is responsible for the overall design of the truck, complete cabin development and visualizations. The first prototype is nearly finished.

The development of the truck started with a blank sheet of paper which allowed for a radical new truck concept compared to the competition. Some key targets during development were: technical availability, maintenance and safety. For example: To keep the downtime low, major components like engine units, axles, wheels and cabin can be swapped and repaired in the workshop while the truck is already on haul again. The complete truck is bolted together and all sub-assemblies can be shipped in standard 40 feet containers.

Overall design was mainly responsible for the concept and overall design of the truck. The freedom for design was very limited due to available space and form-follows-function approach. The main target during the design process was to create a strong and well-balanced design from any point of view. The angled surfaces were inspired by stealth planes.

We worked closely together with a couple of international (engineering) companies to realize an appealing and practical design which is ready for production.

Cabin was also responsible from A to Z for the development of the cabin which included design, component layout, ergonomics, components souring and engineering. It was a real challenge to package all the components. The cabin is e.g. equipped with three seats, double steering column, 9 blade wiper system, climate control system, sun blinds, rear view monitors, soundproofing walls and fridge (read more).


Visuals and calculations

We created a lot of graphics, visuals and animations for ETF to allow them to present their innovative new approach and truck design philosophy in stills and animation.

We also developed calculation software to predict the performance of the truck during hauling. Road profiles can be imported into the software to calculate trip times, required engine power and fuel consumption.